Green New Deal Teach-In (Sunrise Movement)

Green New Deal Teach-In (Sunrise Movement)

In order to build a movement for the Green New Deal that has the power to win, we need to be ready to talk with our communities about how it would improve our lives and build a more just world. This teach-in will help prepare you to communicate powerfully about why the Green New Deal is the solution to the historic crises we are facing as a country. 

It’s intended to be accessible for anyone who wants to learn about the GND’s bold, intersectional plan and why it’s the only plan that meets the scale of the crisis. So invite your friends, community, and local movement peers – anyone who wants to learn about the substance of the Green New Deal!

And, if you’re inspired by this teach-in, we want to support you to hold your own! On the 25th you can sign up to get support to host a teach-in or town halls in your community as part of a campaign for Good Jobs For All or other hub campaign.

Register on the Sunrise Movement website

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