Global echoes for a Green New Deal

Global echoes for a Green New Deal

book presentation – panel discussion – website launch


Full details on the Rosa Luxemburg website.

The various Green New Deal proposals that have emerged around the world are among the few concrete proposals on how the transformation to a climate-friendly and socially just society could take place. They have succeeded in creating a new narrative that moves beyond warnings of catastrophe to nurture hope of opportunities for action: a narrative of what a good future worth living in could look like – and what steps would be possible and necessary on the way there.

In her forthcoming publication published by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Juliane Schumacher provides a detailed analysis of the different proposals put forward in recent years by political forces and movements under the generic banner of ‘Green New Deals’. By examining their background and characteristics, the author helps us to better understand how they articulate a climate action programme to save the planet while pushing for a transformative vision of society.

However, the publication also opens the door to some concrete and pressing issues:

  • Whether there is one plan or many, what does this mean for different parts of the world?
  • Do the calls for Green New Deals echo other proposals and struggles spearheaded by movements in the Global South?
  • What forces can underpin our efforts to globally transform our economic and social structures?

These questions will guide the discussions of our diverse panel of engaged activists and experts, who will provide insights into how we can make tangible progress towards an inclusive vision for change.


  • Juliane Schumacher (researcher, journalist and author)
  • Alex Lenferna (climate justice activist with, researcher, writer and teacher)
  • Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron (adviser for the United Nations Programme at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung’s Centre for International Dialogue and Cooperation)

Moderator: Nessim Achouche, project manager at Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung’s Brussels Office

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