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History of the Green New Deal in Canada

The Green New Deal has a relatively recent history in Canada, although it is often pointed out that the 2015 ‘Leap Manifesto’ was a likely source of inspiration for proponents of the Green New Deal in the United States. The Pact for a Green New Deal in Canada was launched by a coalition of organizations in May 2019. A cross-country tour followed, which involved speakers such as David Suzuki and Naomi Klein. Local organizing resulted in about 150 town halls on the Green New Deal across the country. Despite predictable critiques from some high profile commentators in Canadian media, polling suggests that the Green New Deal had support from the majority of Canadians in 2019. In terms of reaction from official political parties, the Green Party of Canada endorsed the Pact for a Green New Deal  in the run-up to the 2019 election. The New Democratic Party (NDP) does not have an official Green New Deal platform but an NDP Member of Parliament put forward a private member’s bill calling for a Green New Deal in December 2019.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, campaigning in Canada (as elsewhere) has shifted to calls for a ‘Just Recovery’. The Trudeau Government has pledged to make climate change a “cornerstone” of its economic recovery plans.

In April 2021, the Liberal Party passed a resolution on the Green New Deal.

Subnational Highlights

BC Green Party plan

Vancouver “Greenest City” 2020 Action Plan

Ontario NDP Green New Democratic Deal

Council of Canadians reporting on municipal GNDs

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