Green New Deal Explainers

What is a Green New Deal (short explainer from The Leap):

What is the Green New Deal (short explainer, US specific, from Now This):

AOC explains the GND on Late Night with Seth Myers:

Green New Deal, explained (short explainer from Vox):

Green New Deal Comic

Download PDF foldable A3 format (front and back pages, inner 2 pg spread)

Comic created by Petroglyph Studios and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

Creative Commons Licence


Change Everything Podcast (The Leap)

Generation Green New Deal Podcast 

Hot & Bothered Podcast (climate politics generally, lots of GND-specific episodes) 

Manchester Green New Deal Podcast

MMT Podcast (several episodes on GND, job guarantee)

Buildings on Air (in this episode Billy Fleming discusses an open letter in the US calling for Green Stimulus)

The Philosopher & The News: (Alexander Douglas on Planning the Green New Deal)

More Video Resources

Can the Green New Deal overcome the New Deal’s legacy of racism? (short video with interviews from Scienceline)

Generation Green New Deal (trailer for a feature film)

A Message from the Future (beautiful animated short video narrated by AOC from The Intercept)

Neocolonialism and the Green New Deal

GND Art GND Art Kits (free resources to download) Just Recovery Art Kits (free resources to download)

Creative Action Network (for purchase, but proceeds support Sunrise Movement)

Organizing for a GND

Green New Deal Communities Organizing Guide (Council of Canadians)

From the Ground Up: A Toolkit for the GND (Greenpeace Canada)

Organizing for the International Green New Deal (Progressive International/Sunrise Movement)

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